Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!

Arts N Minds integrates antique iron into modern and functional works of art. With years of experience creating one-of-a-kind pieces, the only limit is your creativity!

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Renew Old Possessions

Arts N Minds believes that handed down possessions get better with age. We have refinished and refurbished many personal belongings to beautiful states. Why lose your items to the test of time?

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Arts N Minds integrates antique iron work into modern pieces. We also refurbish and refine items like family heirlooms, contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures.

Arts N Minds History and Mission:

Bold Inspiration, Lasting Craftsmanship

About Arts N Minds

1Arts N Minds began with the inquisitive creativity of its creator, Bryan Pope. Bryan’s love for creating and refurbishing began in a garage in 1974, and has been honed by decades of heartfelt and professional craftsmanship.
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2Bryan Pope’s knowledge of custom metalwork and design was acquired at the reputable Peck and Company. This experience allowed Bryan to experiment and master the art of metal design and fabrication.

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3Arts N Minds believes in reviving the beauty of things through refinishing and refurbishment. Years of practice and dedication have taught Bryan Pope how to breathe new life into old possessions.

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